James Wallace Harris

James Wallace Harris is a retired computer guy. Jim dreamed of writing science fiction in his social security years, but discovered he loved writing essays more. Life is short and novels are long. He’s written over a thousand essays for his blog Auxiliary Memory. Jim wrote about science fiction for SF Signal before it folded, and now for Worlds Without End. BookRiot gives him the opportunity to write about all the other kinds of books he loves. Finally, he has all the time in the world to read and write, but he never forgets poor Henry Bemis. (Who also found time enough at last, until an evil Twilight Zone fate took it all away.) Twitter: @JimHarris28

Why Does it Hurt When the Book You Love Doesn’t Make the List?

Why do readers get so angry when their favorite books don't make (subjective) "best of" book lists?

Reading Slow, Short, and Selective

On reading slow, short, and selective to transition from reading for quantity into reading to understand, explore, and cherish more.

Reading for Optimism

Bill Gates has recommended two books to help us feel more optimism about human progress. But is it enough to overcome the daily news?

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The attraction for specific editions with beautiful dust jackets is turning me into a book collector. What should I do?

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Collections of the year's best science fiction and fantasy short fiction, all coming out this year.

Women Who Imagined the Future: Science Fiction Anthologies By Women

Recommending Books Across Generations

The Fading Pulp Magazine Subculture

"The pulp magazine subculture is fading away. Its fans are dying, and I tend to feel genre distinctions are beginning to fade too."

Updating Philip K. Dick

On the ways in which the TV show Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams differs from the original stories, for better or for worse.

12 Reasons To Use a Kindle to Read Your Book Club Book

12 advantages to using a Kindle for your book club read (and 9 disadvantages).

15 Tips for Tempering Book Buying Addiction

When you break the rules and your punishment is writing a 100% accurate list of your entire unread collection of books on GoodReads.

On Frankenstein Dreams and Fantastic Futures of the Past

On the book Frankenstein Dreams and what the people of the past thought about fantastic futures.

3 Nonfiction Science Fiction Recommendations

Nonfiction that explores ideas from science fiction (or vice versa).

The Two-Person Book Club

Find book clubs overwhelming? Maybe just try the buddy read!

Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult

On the joy of reading children's literature as an adult.