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Hélène -pronounced “LN”- is sometimes too French for her own good. She currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is attempting to get better at being Canadian. She knows Tintin from Abdallah to Zorino and Spirou from Aurélien de Champignac to Zorglub. Follow her on Twitter @DoctorFrenchie .

The Comics I Keep to Myself

We all love sharing the things we love. Showcasing and talking about what touched us, amazed us, made us laugh ...

Mama Cass as you have never seen her: An Interview with Pénélope Bagieu

We talk to Pénélope Bagieu about art, Mama Cass, and the process of creating a graphic novel like CALIFORNIA DREAMIN'.

Artists that Make Me Happy

Are there any artists whose work just makes you happy? Hélène lists some of her favorites.

Who Can Write Diverse Stories?

Hélène takes on the topic of writing what you know versus having diverse and inclusive characters in your story.

How I Use Marvel Unlimited

Hélène didn't think Marvel Unlimited was for her, but she gave it a try and was surprised by how she used it.

Saying Goodbye to Darwyn Cooke

Hélène says goodbye to Darwyn Cooke, a giant of comics, who we lost this weekend.

The Comics I Read When I Don’t Have Time to Read Comics

What comics do you read when you don't really have time to read? Hélène breaks down her strategy.

Writing Diversity: Telling a Story vs. Telling the Story

Over on Panels, Hélène discusses writing diversity, and the tension that can sometimes come between writing what you know and being inclusive.

Writing Diversity: Telling a Story vs Telling the Story

"Write what you know" becomes an issue when you are also trying to incorporate diversity into your story. Who can write diverse characters?

Books to Look Forward To, TCAF Edition

TCAF is almost upon us, and Hélène has comics to look forward to and pick up, regardless of whether you'll be at the show or not.

Hourlies 2016 Round-Up: The Cuteness of Diary Webcomics

Monday February 1st was Hourly Comic Day. Cartoonists from all over the world draw a comic describing what happened in the ...

The Best Comics We Read in January 2016

Monstress #1 by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda (Andi Miller) This gigantic first issue (72 pages) was a great introduction to ...

3 Bestselling French Comics in 2015

The Angoulême festival closed its doors on Sunday. Hermann got the grand prix. (We had talked about one of his ...

3 Types of People Who Ask “So, You Read Comics?”

We here at Panels are taking some much needed time off; in the meantime, we’re revisiting some favorite old posts ...

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: The Storming of the Bestsellers List

I love Squirrel Girl to a fairly embarrassing degree. I have been a long-time fan of Dinosaur comics and I ...