Eileen Gonzalez

Eileen’s primary literary love is comic books, but she’s always on the lookout for her next belletristic adventure no matter what form it comes in. When she’s not writing, reading, or writing about reading, she’s probably cuddling with her dog or watching something old. Twitter: @Eileen2theStars

Profiles in Supervillainy: The Living Monolith

Are they underrated gems or irredeemable losers who deserve to be forgotten? You decide! Today’s subject: the Living Monolith!

Star Trek Comics According to Someone Who Doesn’t Read Star Trek Comics

Let me tell you what these five STAR TREK comics are about purely based on their covers. What could go wrong?!

#SuperheroProblems: So You Have to Fight a Caveman

Cavemen are still A Thing in superhero comics.

The Short and Secret Lives of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents

Sick of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Bored with the DC Extended Universe? Allow me to introduce you to T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.

To Absent Friends: Roger Willis

Though his appearance is fleeting, Roger Willis is a comic friend worth remembering.

Mothers of Champions: The Mother-Superhero Relationship

Let's take a look at the mighty mothers and mother figures who raised and inspired our favorite heroes.

#Superhero Problems: So You Have to Fight a Pharaoh

Think pharaohs are a thing of the past? You must not be a superhero, who often find themselves in Ancient Egypt fighting an evil pharaoh.

Knight in Stolen Armor: Moon Knight and Other Heroes Who Got Their Powers Illegally

Some of our favorite superheroes got their powers from mystical artifacts—but were these artifacts theirs for the taking?

Profiles in Supervillainy: KGBeast

The subject of today's comics supervillain deep dive: Anatoli Knyazev, otherwise known as the KGBeast.

Getting the Job Done: Superheroes and the Immigrant Experience

Superheroes have been used as a metaphor for just about everything. One of the most enduring comparisons is the superhero as immigrant.