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QUIZ: Can You Match the Book Banning Quote to the Decade?

Does the rhetoric from book banners sound familiar, like we're in the 90s again? See if you can match the book banning rhetoric to its decade.

School Board Reverses Reprimand of Teacher for Anti-Racist Book

Several board members who voted to discipline the teacher had received financial donations from the parent who filed the complaint.

The Three Types of People Who Want to Read More

If you've ever seen baffling reading advice like "skim, skim, skim," you're probably seeing something aimed at the third category of reader.

Mayor Withholds Library Funding Until All LGBTQ Books are Removed

Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee is withholding $110,000 from the library system until all "homosexual materials" are removed.

When Is It Okay To Let a Bookstore Die?

Bookstores are for profit businesses, so why do readers often feel obligated to help out when bookstores are struggling financially?

Are You Really a Reader if You Have to Motivate Yourself to Read Books?

Reading is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby. So why do some of us book lovers have to motivate ourselves to do it?

Books and Reading Are Two Different Hobbies

I love books, especially the online bookish community. So why does reading sometimes feel more like a chore than a fun hobby?

The Streisand Effect Won’t Save Us From Censorship

The Streisand effect claims that banning a book will only make it more popular. But that ignores the inequity of censorship.

These LGBTQ and Antiracist Books are Being Review Bombed by Book Banners

1 star reviews calling these books "trash" and advocating they be burned take the top review spots on Amazon. You can help change that.

In Defense of Recommending Books You Haven’t Read

Whether you're talking to a bookseller or watching a TikTok, you may be getting a rec from someone who hasn't read the book. And that's okay.