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How Librarians Can Counter Lies from Book Banners

One Illinois library offers a useful case study in how to approach book challenges, especially when the accusations include misinformation.

Can You Guess the Fantasy Book By Its Lego-Style Cover?

Test your knowledge of the fantasy genre by matching these Lego-style versions of their covers to the correct title and author!

Missouri Schools are Pulling Books From Libraries After New Law Criminalizing “Sexually Explicit” Material

A new law has led to Missouri school districts getting rid of any graphic novels that could be seen as sexual, including The Handmaid's Tale.

Can You Guess the Sci-Fi Book By Its Pixelated Cover?

If you're a sci-fi fan, you've definitely heard of each of these books. But can you name them all based on pixelated versions of the covers?

Florida School District Puts Warnings on 100 Books, including EVERYWHERE BABIES

Over 100 books in a Florida school district have been given a warning label, including the board book Everywhere Babies.

Can You Guess This Classic Book By Its Color Palette?

Here are some of the most iconic covers in literature. Can you guess the book based on the color palette of the cover?

Library Defunded for Having LGBTQ Books Raises 50k+ In Donations

After Patmos Library refused to censor LGBTQ books, their funding was threatened, but donations have poured in from around the world.

Can You Name These ’90s Kids’ Books Based On Part of the Cover?

Feeling nostalgic? See how many of these beloved '90s children's books and series you can name based on part of the cover.

Book Banners Don’t Know What a Book Ban Is

People trying to remove books from libraries insist it's not a book ban. Everyone wants to ban a book, but no one wants to be a book banner.

A Classroom Without Books: Florida Teachers Told To Remove Classroom Libraries for Review

Following the "Don't Say Gay" bill, Florida teachers have been told to pull their classroom libraries until each title has been approved.