Danika Ellis

Danika spends most of her time talking about queer women books on tumblr and at the Lesbrary, as well as chatting about all sorts of bookish things on booktube. Blog: The Lesbrary Twitter: @DanikaEllis

A Haunted House for Bibliophiles

Even without peeking into the next room, an eerie feeling creeps over you. Is that... the sound of someone using their own property in a way you don't approve of?

Phase Three, The Barbershop, and Other Mysterious Bookstore Zones

A bookseller on the mysterious bookstore zones of Russell Books. Here's hoping you find your way to the sauna, barbershop, Cactus, or Phase Three.

Dark Board Books for the Gothic Toddler

If your baby bat wants a spooky story to sink their fangs into, or your gothic toddler needs some broody bedtime stories, here are 6 to get them started!

The Books That Sent Us Down the Rabbit Hole

Some books become an /experience/. Here are the books the inspired us to take on projects and sent us down the rabbit hole of related reads!

My Queer Journey Through Harry Potter

As a teenager, I shipped Draco/Harry (Drarry). I had no idea it would help lead to me coming out as a queer woman.

QUIZ: Could You Pass the N.E.W.T.s at Hogwarts?

Can you pass this quiz all about the hardest exam at Hogwarts?

Bosom Friends: The Gay Anne of Green Gables Scandal

Anne isn't written to be bisexual, but as art grows older, the way we interact with it changes.

Reading With Stars In Your Eyes: How Goodreads Changed How I Read

Do you ever find yourself rating a book based on the Goodreads star system in your head before you've finished reading it?

7 Lesbian and Bi Books Written Before THE WELL OF LONELINESS

A French courtesan's tell-all novel, a rich Japanese lesbian author living in the 1920s, and 5 other bi & lesbian books that predate THE WELL OF LONELINESS.

Do You Narrate Your Life in the Style of the Book You’re Reading?

Have you ever put down a book and found the narrator still stuck in your head?