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Debating between a Kindle Oasis vs. Paperwhite? Let's take a look at which one might be better for your needs.

A Life Line and an Escape Route: The Role of Pickup Trucks in Queer YA

From masculinity to safety to freedom and more, pickup trucks in queer YA play a multitude of roles, depending on the setting.

These are the Most and Least Popular States for Book Settings

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19 Must-Read Queer Books Out in May

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Sex Ed Books Don’t “Groom” Kids and Teens. They Protect Them.

Authors of sex ed books and the librarians that carry them are being accused of "grooming" kids, but these books can help keep them safe.

Florida Bans Math Textbooks for “Indoctrinating” Students with CRT

41% of the textbooks were rejected, 21% for including "prohibited topics" like Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning.

The Unique Relationship Between Queer Media and Spoilers

Both when it comes to identity labels and possibly harmful depictions, queer media has a different relationship to spoilers than most.

Brooklyn Library Offers Access to Banned eBooks to Teens Across the U.S.

The UnBanned Books initiative will give anyone in the U.S. between 13-21 a free eCard, giving them access to frequently challenged ebooks.

LGBTQ Rights Groups Sue Florida Over “Don’t Say Gay” Education Bill

The lawsuit alleges that the bill recruits parents as "roving censors" of LGBTQ content, suing school districts for any perceived infraction.