Dana Lee

Dana lives in East Haven, CT. She works for that Ivy League institution down the street and tries to read as many books as possible in her free time. Audiobooks and print books get equal love. Also, she unapologetically judges books by their covers and makes way too many playlists (c'mon, books need a soundtrack too!). Follow her on Twitter @lucyhenley115 .

Button Poetry: One-Stop Shop to Get Woke

This poetry is raw and emotional, these artists talk like me, they swear, sometimes they fumble their words out of sheer intensity.

Fantasy, Folklore, and Sentient Animals: The Perfect Recipe for Winter Reading

Deep, introspective fantasy with hints of folklore and myth with sentient animals as either the main character or as a significant supporting character.

The Right Book at the Right Time

One reader on finding A Tree Grows in Brooklyn just in time to help her process grief about losing her grandmother.

Warm (Sci-Fi Nerd) Fuzzies

On sci-fi novels that leave you with nice, warm fuzzy feelings.