Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

Dana Lee

Dana lives in East Haven, CT. She works for that Ivy League institution down the street and tries to read as many books as possible in her free time. Audiobooks and print books get equal love. Also, she unapologetically judges books by their covers and makes way too many playlists (c'mon, books need a soundtrack too!). Follow her on Twitter @lucyhenley115 .

The UPS Store to Donate $100k Worth of Children’s Books

The UPS Store is giving away $100,000 worth of books to ten different organizations that serve underprivileged children to celebrate the Toys for Tots Literacy Program 10th anniversary.

8 of the Best Historical Mysteries

So you're looking for some atmospheric historical mysteries that take place far, far away from the dumpster fire that is 2018.

A Guide to the Best Audiobook Service Options

We live in this glorious time of digital content on demand. Here is a list of some of the best audiobook service sites and apps out there.

Best Spotify Playlists for Reading: 8 Chill Mixes For Your Reading Pleasure

I love to listen to music while I'm reading. We can have it all readers! I've got your list of the best Spotify playlists for reading right here.

Audiobooks in Space! 8 Sci-Fi Titles for Voyagers

I am a total sucker for science fiction set in space: Ragtag space crews, wildly different alien species, ships that ...

Batter Up! 30 of the Best Baseball Books

These are the best baseball books, whether you're looking for a history lesson, how to understand the game, novels to get lost in, or books for kids.

9 Books To Help Your Pets Lead Happier Lives

Our pets are best friends and family. Here are a few books for happier pets. Connect with your fur babies and help your pets lead happier lives.

My Favorite Glam Quotes from SPACE OPERA

Space, washed-up rock & rollers, saving the planet, David Bowie, hilarious aliens, and cats that can talk. Get your glam on with these SPACE OPERA quotes.

Audiobooks vs Reading: The Rules Are, There Are No Rules

Audiobooks vs reading is the argument that keeps on giving - but a love of reading shouldn't have rules. Let's appreciate both together! Hugs for everyone.

My Dear Holmes and Watson: 3 Books Featuring Dynamic Duos

I love what the world has made of Holmes and Watson in recent years. In fact, I love their relationship in all its different forms much more than I love their actual adventures. Eccentric, socially awkward genius. Grounded, capable every man. Both valuable people, but better together than apart.