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Christine Hoxmeier

Christine Hoxmeier can usually be found hard at work in her beloved home of Austin with a cup of coffee in one hand and a taco in the other. She spends her free time reading, writing, and dreaming of a teleportation device so she can visit her friends spread across the globe on a daily basis. If it were possible to live inside one Disneyland attraction for the rest of her life, Christine would cheat and choose to split her time between It's A Small World and The Enchanted Tiki Room. She prefers to communicate in CAPSLOCK and with gifs. Twitter: @aramblingfancy

Watch the Trailer for the Final Season of GAME OF THRONES

Watch the trailer for the last season of Game of Thrones!

Quiz: Which Hollywood Monster Are You?

Hollywood and movie fans alike love a good creature feature. Take this Hollywood monster quiz to find out which classic creature lurks inside your heart!

How to Listen to Audiobooks on iPhone: A Guide for New Listeners

A guide to audiobook services and apps for IOS devices. We'll show you how to listen to audiobooks on iPhone, with downloading instructions and screenshots.

2019 Hourly Comic Day: A Roundup

We've compiled a collection of 2019 Hourly Comic Day posts from published pros, independent artists, longtime participants and first time creatives.

Kids’ Bookends: Vintage, Personalized, and Kid Safe!

A list of kids' bookends that are perfect for a nursery and children's rooms. Included are kid safe options, sturdy bookends, and personalized bookends!

CW to Adapt Victoria Schwab’s CITY OF GHOSTS as a Series

The CW is developing a drama series based on Victoria Schwab's novel CITY OF GHOSTS, and adapting the story for an older television audience.

Bookish Cyber Monday Deals

It's Cyber Monday and we've rounded up bookish Cyber Monday deals to help you find something for every reader on your holiday list, or for yourself!

Inktober 2018: Harry Potter Edition

A themed roundup of Harry Potter Inktober 2018 posts, including drawings of Hogwarts, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, and more.

8 Places Where You Can Stream Comic Book Movies Instantly

A comprehensive list of comic book movies streaming in 2018, including platforms like Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Netflix, and more.

Inktober 2018: A Bookish Roundup

A roundup of bookish Inktober 2018 posts featuring bookish and comic book related illustrations for your viewing pleasure.

#IAmNonbinary: A Celebration of Nonbinary Creators

For marginalized creators, social media movements and campaigns can be a great way to elevate their work and platform. On ...

Help Linda Medley and CASTLE WAITING!

Fans of Linda Medley and Castle Waiting can learn more about Castle Waiting Volume 3, and how to support Medley in her work.

A Weekend of Comics, Zines, and Art!

A roundup of creators from STAPLE! 2018 in Austin, Texas, with pictures and links to their comics, stores, and more.

How To Create the Most Adorable Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

A roundup of Winnie the Pooh baby shower ideas and options, including invitations, favors, food, decorations, and centerpieces.

5 of the Best Star Wars Audiobooks

A roundup of 5 of the best Star Wars audiobooks, including YA and MG titles.