Cathleen Perez Brenycz

President Biden Backs Alabama Amazon Workers’ Attempts to Unionize

An Alabama Amazon facility is attempting to unionize. They received unexpected support in a pro-union video by President Joe Biden.

Joziah Jason: A Kid Reader and Podcaster on a Mission

10 year old Joziah Jason was inspired by his neighborhood's "Read to a Barber" program to start his own book podcast!

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STAMPED Facing Removal from Texas HS Reading List After Parent Grievance

A Texas high school parent is attempting to remove STAMPED: RACISM, ANTIRACISM, AND YOU from the school's reading list.

Riot Roundup: The Best Books We Read October–December 2020

Rioters share the great books they read recently, including Revolutions of All Colors by Dewaine Farria.

15 Of The Best Historical Fiction Series

Find the best historical fiction series that both engages and entertains, with lively and diverse characters.

Short Story Collections: 8 Books That Are One of a Kind

Sample an author's work with some exceptional short story collections, including Alone Together: Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of COVID-19 Edited by Jennifer Haupt.

4 of the Best Friendships in Middle Grade Books

The friendships in these middle grade books overcome challenges, act as support systems, and give kids a sense of bonding and community.

A Brief History Of Writing Styles: From Pictures to Modern Alphabets

A look at the history of writing styles, from early pictorial methods to the alphabets and symbols we use today.

Gothic Poems: 16 Creators Embrace the Somber Side of Art

Gothic poems stand for more than darkness! Check out some of the best classic and contemporary gothic poets now.