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Carina Pereira

Carina Pereira, born in '87, in Portugal. Moved to Belgium in 2011. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, since 2019. Embroiderer, avid reader, and changing interests as the mood strikes. Whiles away the time by improvising stand-up comedy routines she'll never get to perform. Books are a life-long affair, audiobooks a life-changing discovery of adulthood. Ravenclaw. Selling books by day, writer by night. Contact

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I was about 21, riding a scooter on my way home from work, when I noticed a shadow over my ...

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VS Podcast: The Books That Make Season One

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Please Translate This, or, The Frustration of Wanting People to Read Your Favourite Untranslated Book

"It can feel a bit like you’re just there sitting on your own, with no one to talk to, very often just screaming into the void. It sucks."

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If you're trying to fit more verses into your life this year, consult this handy list of helpful tips on how to read more poetry.

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