Annika Barranti Klein

Annika Barranti Klein likes books, obviously.   Twitter: @noirbettie

Should We Still Study Shakespeare?

Should we still study Shakespeare? There isn’t a simple answer, but I think we should.

The Bookish Life of Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library has donated more than 100 million books, but that's just one aspect of Dolly Parton's literary legacy!

What Was the Stratemeyer Syndicate?

One of the most famous--and earliest--book packagers were behind Nancy Drew, The Bobsey Twins, and more.

Cookbook Showdown: The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes, Tested

I put four cookbooks to the test to see which one can make the perfect chocolate cake. Here are the results.

Rainbow Book Stack Stickers for Pride

I went looking for stickers of rainbow book stacks for Pride, and Etsy delivered. Here are my ten favorites!

The Price of Snails: Patricia Highsmith and Her Unusual Pets

Did Patricia Highsmith really smuggle snails out of France in her bra? Why was she so enamored with this highly unusual pet?

The Bookish Life of Lee Pace

From Romeo and Juliet to Foundation and Guardians of the Galaxy, Lee Pace has led a bookish acting life that only continues to grow.

Finding a Unicorn: Romance Novels With Fat Representation on the Cover

It's only very recently that we've started to see fat characters grace the covers of romance novels. Here are some of the best examples, including The Princess Trap by Talia Hibbert.

What Makes a Good Mr. Darcy?

What makes a good Mr. Darcy in retellings and reimaginings of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE?

A History of DRACULA in Pop Culture

From its publication in 1897 to Dracula Daily's popularity today and the countless adaptations in between, Dracula has staying power.