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PRIDE VS PREJUDICE: A Jane Austen Adaptations Showdown

Everyone knows the BBC Pride and Prejudice, but what about the other (many) Jane Austen adaptations? What's your favorite Emma, or Persuasion?

Female Superhero Movies Are Not “In A Rut”

There are as many female-led superhero movies total as there are Spider-Man movies. The claim that they're in "a rut" is basic nonsense.

New FIREFLY Book Series Announced!

Titan Books and 20th Century Fox have teamed up to publish a FIREFLY book series!

Read Harder: A Celebrity Memoir

Working on task #12 of the 2018 Read Harder Challenge: a celebrity memoir? We've got a list of eleven excellent titles for you to check out!

Excuses Men Have Given Me For Only Reading White Men

Have you read David Foster Wallace?

If Stephen King Wrote HARRY POTTER

What if Stephen King's novels all took place in the Harry Potter universe? Hear us out on this one...

Read Harder: A Western

Looking for books to fulfill 2018 Read Harder Challenge task #7: a western? Peruse these titles.

Order A Butterbeer From Starbucks’ Secret HARRY POTTER Menu

Yes, yes you can order a hot butterbeer latte from Starbucks' secret Harry Potter menu.

First Trailer for the new LITTLE WOMEN Miniseries

Take a look at the first trailer for the upcoming PBS miniseries adaptation of Little Women.

J.K. Rowling Defends Johnny Depp’s Continuing Role in Harry Potter Universe

Rowling's defense of Depp's continued presence in the HPU is, in a word, disappointing.