Alison Doherty

Alison lives in Brooklyn. She recently graduated from The New School with an MFA in writing for children, where her classmates regularly debated if she belonged in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Raised on both coasts, in California and Maryland, Alison grew up wishing she could have Ella Enchanted as a bff and that Gilbert Blythe lived next door. Now, she is an Alice Munro fangirl, a big supporter of libraries and local bookstores, and loves having an e-reader so people don’t give her funny looks when she reads romance novels on the subway. When she gets sad or stressed she 100% never never ever watches the clip of Mr. Darcy diving into the lake on YouTube. She blogs about young adult books at Hardcovers and Heroines and is working on her first novel. Twitter: @alisoncdoherty

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