Make this your book club’s next read! Make this your book club’s next read! Make this your book club’s next read!

Alex Acks

Alex Acks is a writer, geologist, and sharp-dressed sir. They've written for Six to Start and been published in Strange Horizons, Lightspeed, Shimmer, Daily Science Fiction, and more. Alex lives in Denver with their two furry little bastards, where they twirl their mustache, watch movies, and bike. Twitter: @katsudonburi Website:

My Housemate Explains THE FOUNTAINHEAD to Me

A reader who has never picked up Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead gets a crash-course in the plot from a housemate.

5 Speculative Fiction Takes on Sherlock Holmes

Looking for the speculative on Baker Street? Reimagine the great detective with these takes on Sherlock Holmes in sci-fi and fantasy.

The Most Ambitious (Literary) Crossover Event in History

Thank You, Naoko Takeuchi, for Sailor Moon

An homage to Naoko Takeuchi, author of Sailor Moon.

Reader Shame: Award Season Edition

Your favorite authors winning much-deserved literary prizes? Awesome! Suddenly having loads of long and shortlists and winner lists to read? Maybe not so awesome.

Speculative Fiction on Tap: The Light Side of Beer

The days are getting longer and warmer if you live in the northern hemisphere, which means it's almost summer IPA season! To celebrate we paired speculative fiction with a light beer selection.

Brain Armor: 6 Books for Skeptical Self-Defense

Defend yourself from deliberate bad thinking and irrational popular conspiracy nonsense with these books for skeptics.

Author Banned From Attending WorldCon

A sci-fi author has been banned from WorldCon for declaring his intentions to break the con's Code of Conduct.

Science Fiction Short Stories to Read Online (And Where to Find Them)

A wealth of excellent outlets that not only publish science fiction short stories, but put them online for free, and a few good stories to get you started.

The Escapism of Romance

"It’s refreshing, and escapist, and kind of a big FU to the world telling you everything is grim and awful." When in need, turn to the escapism of romance.