Aldalyn Eleanor Ross

Aldalyn grew up with a bunch of weird siblings who expressed themselves by literally joining the circus. Since Aldalyn feared heights and most forms of physical exertion, they became a writer instead. They read, scribble, and enable young word lovers in Newark, NJ, where they are affectionately known as Mx. Aly, Library Unicorn. Find them on social media @mx_alycorn

Read Harder: A Romance by a Trans and/or Nonbinary Author

In this Read Harder Challenge post, we're recommending books for the task asking you to read a romance by a trans and/or nonbinary author.

10 Inclusive Children’s Holiday Books for the Most Wonderful Storytimes of the Year

If you're looking for some great, seasonal story time reads for kids, check out these inclusive children's holiday books.

Tales of a Library Unicorn: The Children in Conflict

On the numerous (sometimes baffling) ways young library patrons lash out at each other, and how one librarian resolves these spats.

Tales of a Library Unicorn: In Which the Children Resist Structure

A children's librarian recounts the ways in which the library's younger patrons resist structure and act out in often humorous ways.

Tales of a Library Unicorn: In Which the Children Misunderstand Libraries

A librarian recounts giving an education on libraries and the book check out process to a young library patron.

Tales of a Library Unicorn: In Which Mx. Aly is Introduced

How does a librarian introduce patrons, including kids, to themself when they're transnonbinary with they/them pronouns? Here's one tale.

Who’s the Bright Star Now? On Reclaiming Straight Love Poems for Queer Lovemaking

"Donne was not thinking of me, a transnonbinary bisexual glitter boi who was assigned female in 1988, when he wrote 'She’s all states, and all princes, I.'"

Happy National Coming Out Day!

We're recognizing National Coming Out Day all day with posts from LGBTQIA+ Rioters and guests, including this coming out story from our guest editor.

Literary Tourism: Newark, New Jersey

33 Powerful Roxane Gay Quotes to Rekindle Your Feminist Spirit

33 powerful Roxane Gay quotes that will rekindle your intersectional feminist spirit--and remind you that you're not alone.

How To Support Webcomics Creators on Free Comic Book Day

Ways you can support the creators of some of the best webcomics this Free Comic Book Day!

Genderqueerness in the Library

A reader recounts “Genderful! Exploring Gender Through Art,” presented by the Brooklyn Public Library, and writes about the impact and importance of events around genderqueerness in public libraries.

826 Valencia: A Writing Center and Pirate Store In One

5 Violent Books I’m Glad I Pushed Myself to Read

A self-described wimpy reader shares the five violent books she's glad she pushed herself to read (including one legitimate horror novel!)

The Book Squad: How Books Give Me A Way to Love Women

"I may never know exactly how to ask the women I fall for to come, and stay, in my life. But when I’m talking to them about books, that’s okay."