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Aimee Miles

Aimee Miles is a newly-minted librarian, mother to two small children, and former grand champion goat showman. She has collected two citizenships, three different driver’s licenses, and approximately 300 dearly loved books. Sadly, she currently has zero goats. You can see her quiet Twitter at Icanread4Miles and her blog on children's books at

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Celebrate November 8th by brushing up on your nonviolent protest practices in preparation for the next mass act of civil disobedience!

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One Rioter celebrates the announcement of the newest primate species, the Tapanuli orangutans, with a primatology reading list.

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20 Excellent Audiobooks for Preschoolers

Selected audiobooks for preschoolers and young elementary age kids to listen to on long car rides and instead of watching TV.

Books for Hairy Girls

One Rioter on learning to accept female body hair and finding it represented in a middle grade book.

Why Adults Should Read Kids’ Books

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