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Aimee Miles

Aimee Miles is a newly-minted librarian, mother to two small children, and former grand champion goat showman. She has collected two citizenships, three different driver’s licenses, and approximately 300 dearly loved books. Sadly, she currently has zero goats. You can see her quiet Twitter at Icanread4Miles and her blog on children's books at

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Parents, do your kids listening in on your audiobooks? Do you need recs for books to keep your reading going, but that you won't have to pause because your kids will otherwise have nightmares from overhearing? We've gotcha covered with these audiobooks to listen to around your kids.

Children’s Rhyming Books That Won’t Rhyme

Not all rhyming books work for all accents. One Rioter looks at two books that she can't quite rhyme with her accent, and wants to hear about other similar experiences.

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