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17 Secrets of Audiobook Narrators: Critical Linking, May 18, 2018

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Reading books all day may sound like a dream job to some people, but it’s physically demanding work. Vance says the one thing people underestimate most about the job is the amount of stamina it requires. “It’s not just about having a good voice,” he says. “If you think you want to do audiobooks, go to your bedroom and pick a book off the shelf. Sit down and read to yourself out loud for an hour. Take a break for a few minutes, then come back and do it again for an hour, and again for an hour. Do that five days in a row. If you enjoyed it, then you can take the next step, but if you found it exhausting and you couldn’t maintain the same tone throughout, then maybe you should think about doing something else.”

Interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits from audiobook narrators

Today, during the RT Convention,  Kathryn Falk announced that the magazine would be closing immediately and that the Reno RT is the last.  The magazine will remain available for one year, but no new articles will be added. 

Romantic Times and its magazine are no more after the convention this year (but good news—a new fan convention is coming!). 


The next time you check in to an InterContinental Hotel, you’ll want to check out Audible’s new playlist. The hotel and resort chain has teamed up with the digital story company for a new collection, called Stories of the InterContinental Life, curated in part by the executive producer of The Paris Review podcast, Brendan Francis Newnam.

This is fun


Designing with books is no novel concept. We’ve all explored the many ways chic reads can enhance a rooms aesthetic. From coffee tablescapes and color-blocked bookshelves to color-coded and clever ombré displays, books have proven to be the finishing touches and cozy details that make a house a home. Casting aside the famous adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” when it comes to designing with books it’s been all about the cover: the detailing of the spine or brightly-hued jacket. Well, the latest trend in book design might inspire people to to flip our books around and give the pages the credit they deserve. Recently, we’ve spotted noteworthy tomes sporting super chic colorways… on their edges. Here are some of our favorite “edgy” reads.

How will this impact the spine-in shelving trend that people have opinions about? 

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