Which SF/Dystopian Book Should You Read Next?

Christine Hoxmeier

Staff Writer

Christine Hoxmeier can usually be found hard at work in her beloved home of Austin with a cup of coffee in one hand and a taco in the other. She spends her free time reading, writing, and dreaming of a teleportation device so she can visit her friends spread across the globe on a daily basis. If it were possible to live inside one Disneyland attraction for the rest of her life, Christine would cheat and choose to split her time between It's A Small World and The Enchanted Tiki Room. She prefers to communicate in CAPSLOCK and with gifs. Twitter: @aramblingfancy

This quiz to find your next book about artificial intelligence is sponsored by The Hive by Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden from KCP Loft.

New York Times bestselling authors Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden have teamed up for the first time to create a novel that’s gripping, terrifying and more relevant every day. The Hive follows seventeen-year-old Cassie, who, after being “condemned” on social media, is on the run from a deadly state-sanctioned mob seeking to exact IRL punishment. Aided by a shadowy underground network, Cassie becomes an unlikely heroine, as her search for the truth makes her a threat to the entire unjust system. The Hive is a breathless race through the day after tomorrow, where online and real life are blurred beyond recognition, and social media casts ever-darker shadows.

As the world becomes more driven by technology, it’s important to be aware of our dependence on those everyday devices and what it means for our future. Books have been exploring the possibilities of science and technology in the safe form of fiction for over 200 years, so it makes sense to turn to them now for a take on the future of our world. A recurring theme or plot element for many years now has been Artificial Intelligence; sometimes AI is the villain, a cautionary example of tech gone awry, and sometimes AI is a fun sidekick, or merely a useful tool. So, which sci-fi or dystopian book featuring AI should you read next? Tell us your technology habits, and we’ll give you a recommendation!

If you’re itching for something to read right this second, I suggest Fandom for Robots by Vina Jie-Min Prasad, about a fan fiction writing robot. Just, trust me on this.