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Art Roundup: Spotlight on Scrooge McDuck

Welcome to another edition of Art Roundup, where we spotlight a different comics character each week with a nice little collection of fan creations, such as art, cosplay, and custom toys. This week’s spotlight is on Scrooge McDuck in light of the recent news of a DuckTales reboot. Are you excited or what?

Starting this off with a fun crossover piece of Smaug and Scrooge by Lar deSouza. How perfect is this?


As always, I’m super impressed by folks who can make beautiful work with watercolor. Luiza Ho combines watercolors and copics for this wonderful piece.


Eddie Betancourt imagines Uncle Scrooge in this wild, totally different style.


Can’t forget this version of Scrooge, drawn by Piper Thibodeau and accompanied by a funny little Mickey ghost.


Here’s a nice portrait of Scrooge and his sweetheart Glittering Goldie by Victoria, a self-proclaimed Donaldist (that sounds awesome, by the way).


Super rad piece by street artist Javel Rich. Great colors.


To round things off, here’s a great little video by Disney’s Animation Academy on how to draw Scrooge McDuck as seen in Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Give it a try!


As always, go ahead and drop links to your own favorite Scrooge works in the comments below, and make requests for future iterations of this column.


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