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Art Roundup: Spotlight on Sailor Mercury

Kristina Pino

Staff Writer

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Welcome to Art Roundup, where we spotlight a different comics character each week and share some rad fan creations, such as drawings and paintings, cosplay, custom toys, and more. This week, we’re all about Sailor Mercury, the smart, gadget-slinging Sailor Scout with a gentle spirit.

This is the piece I came across that inspired my decision to spotlight Sailor Mercury. Beautiful work titled Mercury Bomb by German artist Olga Andriyenko aka Asurocks.


Here’s a cosplay I loved, created/modeled by Mexican cosplayer Danie Walls and photographed by Arturo Vega.


I’m liking this piece titled Aqua Rhapsody by もち粉 (mochi powder) on Pixiv.


Another great cosplay shot because just look at how gorgeous this photograph is. The cosplayer is Tasha from Russia, and the photographer is Kucheruk Elena from Ukraine, whose gallery is amazing – do yourself a favor and look at their other works.


This adorable rendition of Sailor Mercury by Chinese artist Kaji Ichika is actually a mash-up of her character and Kougyoku Ren from Magi.


Absolutely in love with the style and vivid colors in this eye-catching piece.


And to finish off this week’s column in the most adorable way possible, here’s another little harp-playing Sailor Mercury.

belial-mercury-sailor-moon-fanart-chibiThus ends another week of rad fan creations. Feel free to link to more Sailor Mercury-related art you love in the comments below, and make suggestions for future columns! See ya next week.


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