Art Roundup: Spotlight on Kitty Pryde

Welcome to another edition of Art Roundup! Today’s spotlight is on the X-Men member Kitty Pryde, whose ability is to become intangible as well as make other things so by touching them. Besides being able to phase through walls, she’s a real smart cookie, which is why she has quickly become one of my favorite mutants.

I’m going to lead this column with an awesome cosplay. This beautiful costume is made and worn by German cosplayer and crafter Bell and the photograph is by Kerstin. Well done!


This super cute rendition of Kitty is by Canadian artist Corina. I love the art pieces I’ve been seeing that feature her halfway through a wall. Also Kitty’s expression is great here.

kitty_pryde_by_corinaKevin Wada imagines Kitty Pryde as a total hipster. Love the wavy/curly hair.


John Webb produced this beautiful marker drawing in 30 minutes.


Here’s another one of Kitty in yet another art style and also not quite through something. Brazilian artist Jazz really nails it with this one.


I love what I’m seeing in Corey Landis’ version of Kitty Pryde. The style and colors are just great, and Lockheed looks fab. Like, it’s obviously her, but not the way you’re used to seeing her.


Figure customizer Gonard picked up a Marvel Legends Spider Girl figure and turned it into Kitty Pryde. Nice work.


Bonus addition because I cheated with one of the entries above: here’s a piece by Raul Valenzuela done with pencil and markers on paper.


As always, feel free to add links to your favorite Kitty Pryde fan works below, and make suggestions for future editions of this column!