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Art Roundup: Spotlight on Mega Man

Welcome to another edition of Art Roundup, where we feature a different comics character each week in the form of rad fan creations like art, cosplay, handmade crafts, custom toys, and more. This week, we’re swinging the spotlight on Mega Man, also known as Rockman, an adorable little battle robot who was designed to defend the world from Dr Wily and his evil wiles. This character is probably best known for his appearance in video games, but there’ve been some great comics, too.

Kicking this off with a frankly beautiful sketch by Dave Rapoza.


Cool Mega Man action pose by Jessi Sheron.


I can’t even handle how absolutely adorable this “Rock-chan” (female Mega Man) is.


Super cool handmade, wooden pixel art of Mega Man’s head by Jacob Ashley.


Loving the art style of this piece by UK-based LawlietRiverRose.


Another cool Mega Man piece, done up in a different style and looking battle-damaged, created by Dhaniel’s Alexander Castillo.


To round things off, here’s one more Mega Man in a one-of-a-kind ink painting you can buy by Kris Knapp.



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