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Art Roundup: Spotlight on Kim Pine

Welcome to another week of Art Roundup, where we spotlight comics characters in the form of awesome fan creations. This time, we’re having a look at Kim Pine, the ever-sarcastic lady drummer from Scott Pilgrim. She hates everyone, including you, but I’ve always loved her.

In this absolutely adorable crossover, Glen Brogan pairs Kim up with Adventure Time‘s Marceline.


Who says cosplay is just for conventions and events? Simple, but lovely Kim Pine swimsuit cosplay by Canadian costumer Jen and photographed by Tom Savage. My choice here may also be affected by the cold weather outside and my desire to be back in sunny South Florida.


Cool poster by Sean Dillon featuring Kim looking like a badass and some of her more famous lines.


I’m always super impressed with folks who have an amazing command of watercolor painting, and now you can say I’m a fan of Spanish artist “Snottie Snot,” who also sells her artwork on Etsy. You could own this piece!


Another crossover! This time it’s Kim Pine and Chie from Persona 4, meshed together as one complete badass by Deviant Artist HolyForces.


And now for something a little bit different: papercraft! Fab work by Sarah, who is on Tumblr and Instagram.


I’m going to round this off with an animated piece by Maggie. Yeah, it’s rad. And red. But mostly rad.


That’s all for today! As usual, feel free to drop links in the comments section to more awesome Kim Pine fan creations, and drop in suggestions for future installments.