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Art Roundup: Sailor Moon

Welcome to Art Roundup, where we pick a comics character and spotlight their awesomeness with rad fan creations, including art pieces, jewelry, custom toys, and cosplay. This time, we’re spotlighting Sailor Moon art, because we can’t stop playing Sailor Moon Drops.

I loved Alexis Moore’s vision of Sailor Moon as an astronaut so much, I immediately ordered a copy to decorate my office.

Alexis Moore Sailor Moon astronaut fanart

Usagi is a little plumper than usual but just as emotive in this drawing by June.

Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon in her school uniform, and eating a donut

Ruth McGleish (RootisTabootus on deviantart) drew some Sailor Moon art I don’t want to mess with.

punk Sailor Moon fanart by Ruth McGleish

Sarah Burns reimagined Usagi as black and I am here for it.

black Sailor Moon fanart by Sarah Burns

This gorgeous sketch of Sailor Moon in costume and out by Tiffany Ford is simple but striking.

sketch of Usagi Tsukino in her school outfit and dressed as Sailor Moon by Tiffany Ford

J Hause’s zombie Sailor Moon art with Luna will haunt your dreams.

drawing of Sailor Moon and Luna the cat as zombies by J Hause

I adore Usagi’s tattoos in this piece by Jenn Woodall.

tattooed Usagi Sailor Moon by Jenn Woodall