Archie #1 Variants (Or, Even Moar #HotArchie)

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We’ve got a exclusive on some retailer variant covers for Archie #1 and since I am our resident #HotArchie expert, I get to share them with you!

First up we’ve got INCEPTION ARCHIE for the gang at Curious Comics, cover by Dan Schoening with colors by Luis Antonio Delgado


I mean if I had that strong of a jaw I’d be taking an inception-selfie, too. Let’s be real.

Next up is the variant for Books-A-Million and 2nd & Charles by Kate Leth


Our boy here is  a little closer to traditional Archie, but so sad it’s making my heart go awwww, I’ll hang with you little dude! I’ll even put my straw in your milkshake.
…Wait. That came out wrong?

Bedrock City Comics get this variant by Terry Moore with colors by Brian Miller of Hi-Fi

Someone call ZZ Top because all I wanna do is talk LEGS LEGS LEEEEGS. I mean, look at those stems. Dang. Those shoulders ain’t too bad, neither. Thank youuu, Terry and Brian.

The Aw Yeah Comics/Downtown Comics variant is courtesy of Art Baltazar


Ok well this is just cute as hell.

Archie #1 is due to hit stores in less than two months. Are you ready? Can we be ready? I don’t even know, bro.

(Just kidding, I am totally ready.)

my body is ready


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