Here Are 10 April New Romance Releases To Read Next

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Silvana Reyes Lopez

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Silvana Reyes is a Mexican book blogger. She enjoys all types of sub-genres, but loves a good love story. Romance fiction is her heart and joy and you might find her screaming about book releases on her Twitter account.

New month, new romance releases! As you already know, when a new month arrives, we get to meet the latest romance stories like the ones in this list *grabby hands*. And April is the month to keep an eye on. From historical to fantasy, these April new romance releases are going to take you to places you are familiar with, but the authors will sprinkle their own take on all-time favorite tropes. Let the swoon-fest commence!

Personally, April means spring. It means the blooming of flowers, the sunshine shining through the clouds, and the start of new things. It’s the perfect month to talk about romance books because romance only brings happiness (and from time to time tears, not going to lie) and joy. And I’m sure the stories inside these books will grow into something that you won’t ever forget. You’ll get to read romances between exes who still love each other, spies getting married for a mission, fake dating the woman of your dreams, and even a book about a Thai bird princess cursed to dance forever.

As you can see, romance introduces a lot of variety when it comes to their catalog. The amazing thing about the genre is that you can come across genre-bending books that take the best of each of these genres. A fantasy book set in Victorian London? You know it. Or how about a paranormal contemporary romance with vampires and Thai mythology? The next titles will definitely bring that to the table and so much more.

Cover for Happy Place by Emily Henry

Happy Place by Emily Henry

Emily Henry makes her return with Happy Place, an emotional second-chance romance novel about two exes who have to pretend to still be dating so their friends don’t find out they broke up six months ago.

Fully expect an emotional punch in your heart as soon as you start reading Henry’s masterpiece.

Cover of Return to Hummingbird Way by Reese Ryan

Return to Hummingbird Way by Reese Ryan

If you’re looking for your next second-chance romance, Reese Ryan has you covered. The Holly Grove Island series brings back fan-favorites Sinclair and Garrett, childhood enemies who cannot be in the same room without arguing. They each have become the maid of honor and best man for their best friends’ wedding, so now they have to plan a whole wedding together! The enmity has always been a thing between them…except that night five years ago when they decided to drop down their guards and indulge in a one-night stand.

Cover of The Secret Service of Tea and Treason by India Holton

The Secret Service of Tea and Treason by India Holton

India Holton is set to release the third book in her Dangerous Damsels series featuring two characters we all came to love in the last novel, The League of Gentlewomen Witches.

Alice and Bixby, top operatives, have to pretend to be married for their newest mission where they’ll have to infiltrate a pirate house party, ruin their plans, and make everyone believe they’re madly in love.

Cover of Ana Maria and the Fox april new romance releases

Ana María and the Fox by Liana De la Rosa

Another historical romance you can enjoy this month is Ana María and the Fox! Forbidden romances are so popular right now, so if you adore the trope, you’re definitely going to find a liking to this forbidden romance between a Mexican heiress and a shrewd British politician.

In this Victorian romance, Ana María Luna Valdés is secretly sent to London to seek refuge from the French occupation in Mexico. It’s there she experiences her first taste of freedom away from her father. But a strong desire for Mr. Fox might be the thing that finally destroys her.

Cover of The Plus One by Mazey Eddings

The Plus One by Mazey Eddings

Mazey Eddings’s The Plus One is a fake-dating extravaganza set in some wedding shenanigans. Indira is a woman who had it all, but from one day to the next one, she finds herself without a boyfriend when she walks in on him in an amorous embrace with a stranger. And now, this wedding from hell is making her bump into him and his new girlfriend far more frequently than she was hoping for. So, the solution? Pretend to be dating her childhood nemesis, Jude!

Cover of Wings Once Cursed & Bound cover April new romance releases

Wings Once Cursed & Bound by Piper J. Drake

Another fabulous April new romance release is Drake’s Thai-inspired fantasy romance, Wings Once Cursed & Bound. The story follows Peeraphan, a dancer who, unbeknown to her, puts on a pair of red cursed shoes that make the wearer dance to their death. Vampire Bennet Andrews is after the cursed shoes, but he arrives too late — Peeraphan is already using them. But then, Bennet realizes that the shoes are not harming her, so now they have to find a way to save her from creatures that are after her.

Cover of To Swoon and to Spar by Martha Waters

To Swoon and To Spar by Martha Waters

Looking for a historical romcom? Martha Waters can never let you down. One of April’s new romance releases is To Swoon and to Spar, the fourth installment in The Regency Vows series. This book follows Diana’s older brother, Viscount Penvale, who has been creating a fortune to finally be able to buy his childhood home from his uncle. But when his uncle comes to his door with a deal — he will give Penvale the house if he marries his uncle’s ward — he knows it’s the only way to achieve his goal. So now, Penvale not only has a house, but he also has a new wife!

Cover of Sizzle Reel by Carlyn Greenwald

Sizzle Reel by Carlyn Greenwald

Sizzle Reel is Greenwald’s debut coming-of-age romcom. The author pitches it as Booksmart (2019) meets The Devil Wears Prada (2006), which already makes me super excited!

In this novel, you’ll get to meet Luna Roth, an aspiring cinematographer who has recently come out as bisexual. This book will provide an insider look into Hollywood because Luna starts working as a PA on the set of A-list actress Valeria’s directorial debut.

Cover of The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur

The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur

The Fiancée Farce is a steamy romantic comedy featuring a quiet bookseller and a romance novel cover model. Sometimes, when things become viral on social media, the romance community instantly says “Wow, that would be such a swoony plot for a romance book!” and I feel like Bellefleur’s novel shows you this. A bookseller falls for a romance-novel cover model? And not only that, but they’re also pretending to be engaged! Oh, this is going to be so swoony.

Cover of Verity and the Forbidden Suitor by JJ McAvoy

Verity and the Forbidden Suitor by J.J. McAvoy

For fans of Bridgerton, Verity and the Forbidden Suitor is going to satisfy all your needs before the new season comes out!

This forbidden romance follows an heiress who leaps at the chance to fall in love with the doctor who saved her brother’s life. But as the estranged bastard son of the Marquess of Whitmear, Theodore is forbidden to pursue anyone of a noble family.

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If you’re like me and want to get every single book coming out every month, but don’t have that much money to do so, create a small list of books you definitely want to read on your phone and stick with it throughout the month. I know that new and shiny things are very tempting, but be strong, my friends!