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Anne of Green Gables Gifts for fans of “Anne With an E”

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One of my favorite literary characters is Anne Shirley, or “Anne with an e”, because of her ability to spin magic and stories from the most ordinary of circumstances. As a kid, Anne taught me about the gift of imagination, about when to hold forth with your opinion, and when to refrain (or not) from breaking a slate over your future husband’s head. Her optimism in the face of a hard start in life and ending up in an unexpected family situation is a great reminder for those of us struggling with what’s going on in the world today. If you or someone you know needs a reminder of that, pick up one of the little gifts below.

Keep your friends close and your raspberry cordial closer with this cute tumbler.

Keep your fellow kindred spirits near to your heart, with this sweet locket decorated with leaves and flowers.

This bracelet was clearly made for you and your Anne with an E bestie to get matching ones.

Looking to meet other kindred spirits? Throw on this T-shirt, channel Anne’s positive attitude, and see where the day takes you!

Your Anne collection deserves a stylish carrying case, like this Anne Shirley tote bag.

Anne was a dreamer, so what could be better than cuddling up with this pillow and dreaming of adventures on Prince Edward Island?

Mask up with some of your favorite characters in this fabric mask with adjustable nose wire.

Put this sticker on your laptop, water bottle, or notebook to remind yourself that we get to start over again every day.

If you have an Anne, or just an Anne fan, in your life, they need this mug with a portrait of their favorite “Carrots”.

Store your treasures in this ring dish that Anne, lover of pretty things and puffy sleeves, would approve of!

Aren’t we all glad to live in a world with Octobers? Let everyone know with this autumn mug.

Keep the autumn in Avonlea spirit going with this delicious, pumpkin soufflé candle.

Another Avonlea candle? Why not! Enjoy the scents of the Birch Path and Shining Waters with this candle.

Send some sweet notes to the kindred spirits in your life with these notecards.

Remind yourself that you can always get back to Avonlea with this colorful piece of art.

Map out all of your favorite Prince Edward Island locations with this beautiful watercolor map.

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