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10 Anime and Manga Art Pieces to Showcase Your Fandom Love

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We all love fanart, right? Be honest now. If you’re an anime and manga fan, you’ve probably gone looking for new depictions and interpretations of your favorite series and characters. A quick scroll through Twitter and Tumblr may satisfy that yearning, but what if you want a more tangible piece of anime and manga art? It turns out we have options there, too!

To that end, let’s take a look at some of the best physical anime and manga art that you can use to decorate your walls and home!

Fullmetal Alchemist manga art

Fullmetal Alchemist is the story of two brothers who seek the Philosopher’s Stone to restore their bodies after a ritual to revive their dead mother goes horribly awry. “Truth in Humanity” depicts brothers Ed and Al at the end of their journey. Comes in two sizes with the smaller option being $25.

Art of Kenma from Haikyu

Haikyu is a sports manga about volleyball. It follows Karasuno High School, but their eternal rival Nekoma High School stole my heart. Whoops! These prints at $10 each have the option to choose Nekoma’s setter, Kenma, or its captain, Kuroo. But if you’re a diehard Karasuno fan, don’t worry! Etsy seller Pandamander has some pieces in their shop for you.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure art

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (JJBA) features many strong, passionate relationships throughout its multi-generational saga, but Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli from JJBA Part 2 remains one of the top favorites. $15.99

Dragonball art

Dragonball has long since become associated with never-ending fight scenes, but let’s not forget the beautiful landscapes Goku saw from his flying nimbus. $15

Sailor Moon art

The dreamy colors in this print capture the mood of Sailor Moon perfectly. The poster costs $15. If you love the artist’s style, I recommend checking out the artist’s Etsy store. They’re having a sale where you can buy three of their prints for $35.

Tokyo Ghoul art featuring Kaneki and Touka

If you want anime and manga art that’s less landscape-y, what about a mixed media piece? Etsy seller BlackCatzDesigns takes pages from a vintage dictionary and prints manga art on them. It’s an interesting effect. This one features Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki and Touka for $5.98.

Tokyo Ghoul art featuring Rize and Kaneki

Or, if that’s not your speed, get the Tokyo Ghoul couple that started it all with Kaneki and Rize. After all, if Kaneki hadn’t gone on that blind date with Rize, he never would have become half-ghoul. (Sorry, I had to say it.) $5.98

Naruto art

Pairing Naruto and ukiyo-e style art seems obvious and “Unbreakable Bonds” captures the unending conflict between Naruto and Sasuke. $40

One Punch Man art

Following on the theme of rendering manga characters in a more traditional style is “One Cut Samurai.” Using watercolor and sumi ink, it’s a historical rendition of Saitama from superhero satire manga, One-Punch Man. $12

Cowboy Bebop poster

You’ve got to love the aesthetic of this Cowboy Bebop poster featuring Spike Spiegel. $26

Berserk sculpture

Maybe you’re not in the mood for prints. Maybe you want something even more physical. How about the harbinger of disaster that is a behelit? Because we all want to bring a hell on earth like in Berserk, right? (Please don’t take me seriously.) $35 with options for a string to wear it as a necklace and a bag for storage.

Blue Exorcist crochet doll

Have no desire for a behelit? (And, honestly, I don’t blame you. Who wants to sacrifice all their friends in a gory bloodbath?) As a palate cleanser, why about this cute crochet doll of Nii-chan, the Greenman spirit that serves Shiemi from Blue Exorcist? You’re welcome. $10

Hope you found something to like in this sampling of anime and manga art. Want to find more manga to read? Check out this list of 50 must read manga. Or, if you’re brand new to manga, check out this guide to manga for a beginner-friendly primer.

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