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No Dog-Earing Necessary With These 50 Rad Animal Bookmarks

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with folding down the corner of a page to save your place in a book you own. For me, it makes quick reference as well as a useful tool for coming back to passages worth remembering. I also know that dog-earing is a controversial topic in the reading world. You can easily mark the pages you wish to return to with page tabs, and you can also save your place with a fabulous bookmark. But whatever your preference is when it comes to dog-earing, there is a universally-accepted way to hold your reading place if you love dogs, cats, birds, snakes, or any other creature: animal bookmarks.

That anecdote about dog-earing doesn’t quite capture the fact I use an animal bookmark for the majority of my page-saving needs. I flip between it and a bookmark a professor picked up for me in Tasmania when I was in graduate school. The animal bookmark is a gold rabbit and I had to have a friend track it down after I saw it in a store, got kicked out of the store during a fire alarm, and then never actually got to purchase it.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do anything fancy or ask for any favors here. I’ve rounded up 50 amazing, unique, fun, clever, and cute animal bookmarks. The bulk of these are super affordable finds, while a few land on the pricier side—for when you want to treat yourself.

Whatever your creature preference, chances are there are many perfect animal bookmarks for you.

50 Amazing Animal Bookmarks

Grab a set of four magnetic elephant bookmarks for $3.

This flexible bookmark features…a cat butt. Because of course it does. $7.

This bookmark is downright foxy. $6.

A pretty little seahorse bookmark to save your place. $8.

A little honeycomb and bee. $4 and up.

I’m obsessed with this hanging chimpanzee metal bookmark. $16.

What a sweet little zebra finch reading a book (the GLASSES!). $6.50 and up.

Peek-a-boo! It’s a metal giraffe bookmark for you. $10.

I have a mighty need for this super cute badger bookmark. $2.

Bubble bubble with this beta fish magnetic bookmark. $5.

This koala and baby are adorable. $3.

A fun acrylic parrot bookmark. $8.

The look of annoyance on the face of this cat is purrfection. $12.

This fox fabric corner bookmark is fun. $3.

Another giraffe bookmark, this time featuring a gorgeous original painting.

It’s a turtle bookmark! The difference, by the way, between a turtle and a tortoise is their preference for dwelling partially in water vs. entirely on land. $10.

Obsessed with this tiger bookmark featuring a monstera leaf. $3.75 and up.

All the stripes are present with this zebra bookmark. $3.

What a sweet little otter! $6.

Own a whole collection of arctic animal bookmarks with this stainless steel set featuring a polar bear, a walrus, and more. $10.25.

Go batty with this purple metal bat bookmark. Don’t like purple? There are quite a few colors to choose from. $5.

Your cute little ferret friend will hold your place. $20.

Pinch, pinch! Adorable crab bookmark at your service. $1.50.

This deer bookmark is super fancy and super cool. $99.

Celebrate some of the coolest creatures ever with a jellyfish bookmark. $2.50.

Wooden and metal bookmarks are my preferred materials, so I really dig this wood heron bookmark. $10.50.

This magnetic turtle bookmark reminds you that it’s not the speed at which you read that matters. $4.50.

Big fan of these metal hummingbird bookmarks. Let’s all agree hummingbirds are the best lil birds out there. $8.

If waiting for the mail to get your new animal bookmark is not of interest, you’ll be thrilled to know this set of four watercolor wild animal bookmarks are downloadable. $4.50.

Hello, hedgehog! $3.50.

What a whale of a good time this magnetic whale bookmark offers. These puns are terrible, aren’t they? $4.15.

I do love a good flamingo bookmark. $3.

Animals + constellations = the perfect set of bookmarks. $6.

Just a squirrel with her acorn. $5.

Beagle butt! $20.

Select from a number of colorful animals or choose a whole set of ’em. $2.50 each.

A slinking tiger bookmark made out of wood. $10, or you can get it personalized for a little more.

This is a neat wooden gorilla bookmark with some cool geometric patterning. Don’t want a gorilla? There are a ton of other animal options. $12.

These spider bookmarks are embroidered on fabric, making them different than any other bookmark you likely own. $20.

The idea of an elephant trunk holding pages in your book is just a solid one. $8.

This cute owl is enjoying some stories, too. $6.50.

Choose from a rabbit, a hedgehog, a chipmunk, and a handful other woodland creatures with these handmade fabric bookmarks. Or, heck, get all of them. $4.50 each.

Who’s a good boy? This golden retriever bookmark is, that’s who. $2.50 and up.

This penguin bookmark is one you can personalize, too. $18.

Choose from a number of kawaii animal corner bookmarks. $4.35 each.

Of course this roundup would include a shark bookmark. $16.

Snap up a sweet metal llama. Down. To. The. Eyelashes. $25.

Check out this little piggy! $5 and up, depending on the color and wood you’d like.

How could you choose either the corgi or the sea otter? You need both, and fortunately they’re only $2 each.

Last but not least, check out this awesome porcelain snail bookmark. $24.

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