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#AngieThomasAppreciationDay Roundup

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You probably know Angie Thomas as the bestselling New York Times author of The Hate U Give. You might also know it as the movie that’s to be released later this year, starring Amandla Stenberg as the main character. The Hate U Give made quite a splash in bookish circles ever since it debuted, both because of Angie Thomas’ skills as a writer and the important and timely topic of #BlackLivesMatter that the book tackles. In fact, The Hate U Give was one of Bookriot’s Best Books of 2017.

Earlier this week, controversy arose when a video surfaced of the actor and YouTuber Kian Lawley using the ‘n’ word. It was especially controversial since Kian plays Chris in The Hate U Give movie. However, instead of holding Lawley accountable for his actions, many of his fans chose to attack Angie on twitter instead.

Thankfully, Angie has made such a mark on the book community, that people began to tweet their support for Angie through the hashtag #AngieThomasAppreciationDay. The tweets came from fellow authors, aspiring writers, and readers alike. Many of them recounted what Angie means to them, while many tweeted about what The Hate U Give means to them. I’ve rounded up a few of the best tweets here and I would remiss to not include my own tweet, considering what The Hate U Give and Angie Thomas mean to me, as a reader, writer, and a woman of colour in the book community:

Here’s what Angie had to say as she saw the hashtag trending:

And if you want to support Angie and The Hate U Give, here’s a great way to get the novel into the hands of kids from diverse backgrounds:

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