And the Oscar Goes To… Should There be Oscars for the Book World?

In the literary world, a book has to have it all in order to win an award. With television and movies, they break the art form down and give awards to pieces of the work as well as the work as a whole. Why don’t we do that? Why are there not awards for characters, plot, author, genre of the year, etc.? Why must writers create an entire package of “perfection” to be awarded? What if we had an Oscars type of award for books? If you were part of the Academy, which would you nominate for 2011? Let’s pretend there are these awards, and you (the readers) are the Academy… make your nominations below:

For 2011:

Best Protagonist*

Best Antagonist*
Best Supporting Character in a Book*
Best Author of the Year*
Best Genre of the Year
Best Overall Book of the Year

*When nominating for the categories, make sure you include which books they come from. 
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