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14 of the Best Bookstagram Accessories On Amazon That Will Make Book Pictures Pop

If you go on Instagram and start researching bookstagrams, you really see all the attention to detail these bloggers put into their pictures. All of these beautiful book pictures always tempt me to buy the books they’re showing. But not only do they showcase the book, but bookstagrammers include other props and accessories that make their pictures pop and put them one step above the others. I compiled a list of 14 of the best bookstagram accessories on Amazon, so you can include them in your book pictures!

Best Bookstagram Accessories

Artificial Fake Flowers

Fake flower petals

You can put them under the book and spread them around. Especially if you’re having a Valentine’s Day theme month, you could definitely use these to accentuate the color red.

Fairy String Lights

Fairy string lights

Cute background lights to light up your picture! They also can work if you’re showing your bookshelves!

‘Just One More Chapter ‘ Mug

Just one more chapter mug

It’s always super cute to put coffee + books in one picture. Or tea! Or any beverage you drink.

Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift Wrapping Paper Bookstagram Accessories

This wrapping papers can work as backgrounds on your pictures. Or just put them under the books so you can have background with colorful colors. Also works if you have a color-themed bookstagram and you need it to match your other pictures!

Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover

Drink good coffee and read good boos pillow case

Taking photos of your books on your bed! With a little something extra.

Storage Basket

Storage basket

This cute storage basket can be used to put books inside and showcase them in top of a surface together. You can add a little plant on the side.

Felt Letter Board

Felt Letter Board

If you’re announcing a giveaway or just promoting a sale, this works amazingly.

Fake Lavender Bunch

Fake lavender bunch

Perfect to match with your books and get that soft aesthetic you might be searching for.

Jane Austen Tote Bag

Jane Austen tote bag

We love tote bags! And they have very great designs so you can just put it besides your books.

Kate Spade To-Do Sticky Notes

Kate Spade To-Do Sticky Notes

These are such cute sticky notes to include in your bookstagram alongside with your stationery.

Pine Cones

Pine Cones

I’ve seen lots of bookstagrammers include pine cones in their pictures especially for fantasy titles.

Crew Socks

Crew Socks

Perfect for #SockSunday pictures!

Scented Candle


Candle + books = perfect partnership! I always see candles in bookstagram and I found this one with a very nice design, that also has lots of different scents if you’re not into this one.

Wooden Tray

Wooden Tray

This tray functions just the same as the basket, but I know that you might be searching for a wooden effect or your Instagram theme is more brown-ish colors.

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