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Alice In Wonderland Enamel Pins

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Carina Pereira

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I’ve found the joy of enamel pins a few months ago, when a friend gifted me a few cool bookish ones for my birthday. I’ve long stopped collecting merchandising, because it always ends up in a drawer somewhere, out of sight (I don’t work well with clutter), but enamel pins are a perfect solution to still own something from your favourite fandom, that you can just put on clothes, backpacks, or tote bags. Alice in Wonderland has such a cool set of characters that it is easy to fall down a rabbit hole while searching for merchandising (pun absolutely intended), so I’ve picked a bunch of Alice in Wonderland enamel pins to add to your collection, or start a new one!

From characters to quirky items from this magical world, I hope you find something to make your world a little bit more magic.

Alice in Wonderland Enamel Pins: Alice

Let’s start with a very classic depiction of Alice. For the Disney lovers.

And move right on to a completely unconventional one, which looks amazing.

This smiling Alice in Wonderland looks like a drawing, even in enamel form.

Alice in pink a tea cup!

This is my favourite: Alice eating a piece of cake with her eyes closed.
I want cake now, too.

Alice in Wonderland Enamel Pins: Cheshire Cat

This Cheshire Cat is a bit too real, but they’re supposed to be a bit creepy.

This cute, simple one, if pink and sweet are your thing.

This one is…well, something. 🙂

And my favourite of all: this glow in the dark, whose smile is the only thing giving the character away.

Alice in Wonderland Enamel Pins: Mad Hatter

This Mad Hatter! Serving you tea, also perfect for that St. Paddy’s day outfit.

As is this classic one!

A faceless mad hatter, but a cool one nonetheless.

Alice in Wonderland Enamel Pins: Queen Of Hearts

Of course, this list would not be complete without our own Queen Of Hearts.

I mean, it would be off with our heads, had we forgotten. Even if she can look as adorable as she does here.

Are you also a cat lover? Well, I’ve got good news.

Alice in Wonderland Enamel Pins: White Rabbit

Is that…is that a White Rabbit? It is! With some fancy clothes to boot.

Another White Rabbit in hearts uniform? Don’t mind if I do!

And if a more classic White Rabbit is your thing, this one will make you happy!

Alice in Wonderland Enamel Pins: Bottles, Cake, And A Few Accessories

No Alice In Wonderland setting is complete without a few accessories. There are bottles with a magical drink, like the one above.

Or this fancy one, with a pearl and all.

A piece of cake, like this one.

A carnivore rose pin, which is always pretty badass.


This stunner of a hat.

Tea cups. With a message, too.

A golden enamel book.

And the most beautiful stained glass enamel pin, with Alice walking on Tulgey Woods.

Did you catch the enamel fever? You’ll be happy to know there are many more enamel pins out there, for all tastes and likes. Here are a few others that our contributors have gathered for you!

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