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A Ranking of Favorite Fictional Librarians: Critical Linking, October 17, 2019

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web sponsored by Change is the only Constant by Ben Orlin, in Hardcover from Black Dog and Leventhal.

“Here at Literary Hub, we love librarians. I mean, really everything about them—their knowledge, their kindness, their demon-slaying abilities. If you love them too, then you probably feel a little jolt of extra excitement whenever they show up in pop culture. Or, okay, maybe you aren’t a total nerd, but here you are looking at my ranking of fictional librarians, so I think it’s a fair bet that you are. (Don’t worry—it’s a good thing.) Either way, now that you’re here, please enjoy this totally unscientific, clearly incomplete, undoubtedly age-biased ranking of the best fictional librarians from film, literature, television, and the internet. Feel free to add on ad infinitum in the comments; that’s what comments are for.”

This had to be SO fun to put together.

“Now, I’m not saying you should build your reading list based only off of books for your zodiac sign, but adding a read chosen to please your specific sign is never a bad idea. Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes and the zodiac, you won’t regret checking out one of the great, scary reads on the list below. And obviously, there’s nothing to stop even the most dedicated horoscope reader from checking out the books that scare other zodiac signs the most.”

There’s no terror like custom terror!

“Two years after the #MeToo movement exploded from a social media phenomenon to a national reckoning over harassment and gender discrimination, toppling powerful figures in nearly every industry, many continue to grapple with how to treat the work of men accused of sexual abuse. The issue is especially thorny in high school and college classrooms, where young people can form deep attachments to the writers and artists whose works help shape their worldviews.”

An issue many are grappling with, both in and out of the classroom.

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