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Back This Project: A Menstrual Hygiene Comic for Girls in Rural India

In an action item all the way from India for all of you in the Book Riot community to support, fund a 100-page comic promoting and educating girls in rural India about menstrual hygiene and social norms.

Ariana Abadian-Heifetz, in association with the Delhi-based feminist publisher, Zubaan Books, is raising funds to help create, illustrate, and publish this comic, Spreading Your Wings, to help girls who are eager to learn about their bodies but are held back due to conservative societal norms. Poor menstrual hygiene in rural areas in India accounts for long-term health problems as well as an increase school drop-out rates.

“If girls internalize that they are inherently impure, then they’re set up for a life of devaluing their bodies,” says Ariana. “We strive to not just equip girls with accurate and relatable information, but to help them reframe the very way that they see their bodies, to transform the shame they feel into pride.”

Below is a sample of the amazing artwork that will be part of this comic.

For more sample pages, and to donate or share information about the project, visit this indiegogo page.

For more details about the project or to pre-order the comic, visit the official page for the comic.