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A Life of Reading Is Never Lonely: Critical Linking, June 28, 2018

Today’s Critical Linking is sponsored by William Morrow.

Reading is at once a lonely and an intensely sociable act. The writer becomes your ideal companion—interesting, worldly, compassionate, energetic—but only if you stick with him or her for a while, long enough to throw off the chill of isolation and to hear the intelligent voice murmuring in your ear. No wonder Victorian parents used to read out loud to the whole family (a chapter of Dickens a night by the precious light of the single candle); there’s nothing lonely about laughing or crying together—or shrinking back in horror. Even if solitary, the reader’s inner dialogue with the writer—questioning, concurring, wondering, objecting, pitying—fills the empty room under the lamplight with silent discourse and the expression of emotion.

A really lovely reflection on the power of a reading life


Did you know that the late, great George A. Romero wrote a children’s book? Yes. That George A. Romero. Director of Night of the Living Dead. Father of the modern zombie. He wrote a book for children.

I am here for this

While most teenagers are spending their summers doing whatever it is teenagers do these days, Julia Foos is spending her summer in her basement — for a really, really great cause.

Foos has collected and donated 25,000 books to children in need across Greater Cleveland over the last three years.

Her family’s basement is where those thousands of books are collected, sorted and boxed.

Heroine! Teens are the best


My Students

Our students are as diverse as America and share a common goal to become high school graduates, despite the challenges they may have had in prior experiences. Our students are looking for a second chance to earn their high school diploma. They come to our school for different reasons. Some dropped out of their previous school, but soon realized they need an education. Some had a transient home life that caused them to move from school to school. Others are refugees. Though they all come to us under different circumstances, they all share the common desire to walk across the stage as graduates.

My Project

My students love to learn and take particular interest in social justice. We cover the Civil Rights Movement through old textbooks, but I would like to connect this to current events while also encouraging literacy, and The Hate U Give serves this purposed perfectly.

My students are resilient and all have a voice, but are afraid to use it.

This book will help teach them about social justice and the possibilities for young people to make a difference. I want to give them the opportunity to experience this empowering story from Angie Thomas.

Please consider giving my students access to a novel that is engaging, relatable, and empowering.

Only $150 or so to fund this classroom literacy project. Let’s take care of it

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