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Quiz: Which Member of Dumbledore’s Army from Harry Potter Are You?

Answer the 10 questions in the Dumbledore's Army quiz and you will find out if you are more of a Harry or Neville or one of the other members!

Quiz: Which Hogwarts Professor From Harry Potter Are You?

Answer eleven questions about the Harry Potter books and the wizarding world to discover which of the Hogwarts Professors you are most like.

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Rioters Share Surprising Secrets: The Harry Potter Confessions

So many readers have a personal connection to the Harry Potter series, some of them weirder than others. Here, Rioters spill their Harry Potter confessions.

Quiz: Which Triwizard Champion from Harry Potter Are You?

3 Ways to Find Recommended Books Based on Other Books You Love

Quiz: Which Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor from Harry Potter Are You?

QUIZ: Which Literary Magician Are You?

You've got the magic in you! But what kind? Wave your magic wand, pull that rabbit out of your hat, and take our literary magician quiz to find out!