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How To Alert Your School Board to Right-Wing Bad Actors: Book Censorship News, September 1, 2023

How you can keep your local school and library board aware of bad actors in your community. That, plus this week's book censorship news.

Into the Deep End: 8 Nonfiction Swimming Books

Swimming books for kiddos and kids at heart, learn all about how and why we swim with the best books about swimming!

10 New Manga Releases of June 2023 to Round Out Your Summer Reading List

The new manga releases out June 2023 include isekai, a slice-of-life romance, a new story from the creator of Chainsaw Man, and much more!

15 Excellent 2023 Short Story Collections by Asian Authors

These new short story collections from Asian and Asian diaspora voices — including A New Race of Men from Heaven by Chaitali Sen — are insightful, deeply strange, intense, and profound.

My Grudge with Charlotte Brontë — And How I Finally Let It Go

For years, I resented Charlotte Brontë for her treatment of her sister, Anne. But stepping into her shoes changed my perspective.

What 100-Year-Old Grace Linn Can Teach Us About Standing Up for the Freedom to Read: Book Censorship News, March 31, 2023

Here's what we can all learn from Grace Linn's viral statement defending the freedom to read. That, plus this week's book censorship news.

Must-Read Literature by Transgender and Non-Binary Authors

What works constitute some of the must-read literature by transgender and nonbinary authors? Here are 22 places to begin–or expand.

What’s Coach Beard Reading?: Every Book in TED LASSO Season 2

Ted Lasso is packed full of references. While you wait for season three, check out all the books shown or mentioned in season two!

Should You Buy That? A Kindle Scribe Review

Our Kindle Scribe review goes over pros and cons of the device, what customers say, its standout features, and more!

The Book Banners’ Recruitment Agenda: Book Censorship News, February 3, 2023

Here's how "parental rights" groups are recruiting censors to their cause. That, plus this week's book ban news.