Paul Beatty Faces Controversial (Racial) Interview in Australia: Critical Linking, May 31, 2017

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On the one hand, the hour-long discussion between the Booker prize-winning African-American author Paul Beatty and the white Radio National host Michael Cathcart was the most open and engaging of Beatty’s appearances … But the session was also punctuated by audible groans: to many, me included, Cathcart’s line of questioning seemed tone deaf and occasionally offensive. The discomfort culminated 40 minutes in, when the Gamilaroi man Trent Shepherd stood up from his chair, shaking with anger: “Look at yourself!” he shouted at Cathcart. “I want white Australia to look at themselves!”

I’d wish a “stop and listen to yourself” button into existence, but it would be useless on some people.

Geisler told HuffPost that he felt compelled to put a queer spin on Pride and Prejudice after witnessing the success of 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain.” Though “Brokeback” was a box office hit, many critics felt Ang Lee’s film failed to usher layered queer narratives into the Hollywood mainstream. Hence, Geiser wanted his debut feature to emphasis “love, not sexuality” and be “traditional and romantic” in a similar vein.

This P&P fangirl is officially intrigued.

Samira Ahmed is an author to watch. Love, Hate & Other Filters, her upcoming debut novel tackling Islamophobia in the States, has already garnered praise from YA heavyweights like Aisha Saeed and Heidi Heilig.

Cover reveal! I’m on Team Will-Never-Stop-Gushing-About-This-Cover.

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