5 Home Libraries in Hampton Homes to Swoon Over and More Critical Linking

Book lovers know there’s never enough room for all your volumes, so we chose five properties for sale in the Hamptons with dedicated libraries. We insisted that actual books in bookcases be in said libraries; seems like a lot of high-end homes boast a room called a library without any visible books. Which is your favorite? Vote below.

Swoon indeed. I don’t care how unaffordable they are, since staring on the internet costs nothing.


But one area of study isn’t enough for the highly intelligent Miss Eyre. She would also have two minors: fine arts, because she has a knack for sketching and drawing, and philosophy, because hers is a story of morals and ethics, therefore she might want to better understand her own.

This is an amusing look at what would happen if literary heroines were heading to college.


The interview takes you inside Springsteen’s literary world, revealing what books he reads, which books he loves, and what authors have shaped his songwriting (and likely his own literary style): The Times asks: “Who is your favorite novelist of all time, and your favorite novelist writing today?;” “Who are your favorite New Jersey writers?;” “What’s your favorite memoir by a musician?;” “What book, if any, most influenced your decision to become a songwriter and musician or contributed to your artistic development?” The books he namechecks along the way include the following.

This one’s for fans of The Boss.


This little log cabin is the perfect retreat from your other retreat. The library in the woods, spotted by Mashable, was designed by Studio Padron and SMITH for the backyard of a vacation home in upstate New York. 

It’s a tiny book lover’s retreat filled with more books than furniture. Called the Hemmelig Rom (“secret room” in Norwegian), it was constructed using leftover wood from the construction of the main house. 

Anyone else planning a vacation to this place? I’m thinking I might need a permanent vacation here, to be honest.

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