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80 Matching Harry Potter Couple Tattoos: Critical Linking, July 16, 2019

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“Couples who share a mutual love for Harry Potter are bound to stay together, always. If you and your significant other want to pay homage to the series, we’ve found magical tattoo inspiration, from matching Deathly Hallows symbols and Patronuses to quotes from the book and film series. Go as big or as small as you’d like; maybe even cute wand finger tattoos. See some unique Harry Potter tattoo ideas ahead for you and the person who has your heart — no amortentia required.”

These are awesome, and also perfect for BFFs!

“So we hired Mark Bowden, a journalist and author known for his brilliant works of narrative nonfiction like “Black Hawk Down,” “Killing Pablo,” and “Hue 1968.”

Our assignment for him was simple. Use the interviews and facts laid out in the Mueller report (plus those from reliable, fact-checked sources and published firsthand accounts) to do what he does best: Tell a story recounting Mueller’s report that’s so gripping it will hold your attention (and maybe your congressional representative’s).

We also hired Chad Hurd, an illustrator from the art department of “Archer.” We asked him to draw out scenes from the report to bring them to life.

Here’s what Bowden and Hurd gave us …”

I can’t stop imagining Archer and Pam running around the White House!

This is interesting, but also, I had no idea people actually typed “how to spell” into Google instead of just typing the word and letting Google fix it.

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