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7 Wonderfully Weird Harry Potter Quizzes to Take

Deepali Agarwal

Staff Writer

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The internet is a wonderful place. We’ve been sorted, and re-sorted, into our Hogwarts houses with J.K. Rowling’s blessings, we’ve been told our Ilvermorny houses (only to forget them some hours later), and last week, we received the gift of the patronuses, a somewhat bizarre but beautiful quiz on Pottermore which told us about our Dementor-protectors (there were Russian Blue Cats and Sphynx Cats, a dozen different types of horses, dragons, hippogriffs, and then there was mine… a fox. But moving on.)

Since the patronus quiz was over before we could understand it, and most of us didn’t realize we had to be thinking of our happiest memories while taking it, and now we can’t retake it, here are 7 other wonderfully weird Harry Potter quizzes to take instead. Happy quizzing!

  1. How Would You Die in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
    I, apparently, am the victim of Aragog and his babies.via GIPHY
  2. Which Harry Potter Sweet Should You Choose This Halloween?
    I should be eating fizzing whizbees, and even though I do not know what to do with this piece of information, it helps me forget that my patronus is a fox, so I’ll take it.
  • Which Harry Potter Villain Are You?
    Morbid and evil, this quiz is quite hilarious.
    Sample question: ‘A man knocks on your door at 1 am and says his car has broken down. What do you do?’
    My answer: ‘Invite him in to use your phone, and throw your pet snake at him.’
    (They still gave me Snape.)via GIPHY
  • Are You One With the Harry Potatoes?
    I do not have an accurate thing to say about this quiz. Just, please, everyone, take it.
  • Who is Your Hogwarts Best Friend?
    I basically like this one because it gave me Luna Lovegood, and if your friends don’t make wall-sized murals of your face, then those friends are useless, imo.via GIPHY

    Life with Luna as my BFF.

  • Which Hogwarts Professor Are You?
    fervent wishing: *anything but Lockhart; please, anything but Lockhart!*
  •  This Sex Quiz Will Determine Which Hogwarts House You Belong To
    As many of us in the Book Riot back channels discovered belatedly, this quiz is NSFW, but a 100% worth it. Are you a… Gryffindor in the streets, Slytherin in the sheets?via GIPHY