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7 Uncollected Thoughts on My Recent Reads

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Always books. Never boring.

These are the kinds of things I used to write in my book journal, which I kept along with a regular journal, a dream journal, and a daily journal of stuff that happened. That was about four too many journals, so now I just keep these types of thoughts in my head. Since I’m interested in what little things everyone else is thinking and feeling pretty much all the time, way more than small talk, I thought I’d share these and ask you for yours in the comments.

1. Mae Whitman may be 26, but she’s the only person who could possibly play Blue Sargent from The Raven Cycle series. Also: I didn’t realize this series was to be a quartet, not a trilogy, so when I finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue, I was so pissed. The last time this happened, I’d just finished The Hunger Games and had begun reflecting on its bittersweet, open ending, when I flipped the page and saw Catching Fire mentioned. STAHP.

2. “Not Only Human” by Heather Nova is Juliette Ferrars’ (from the Shatter Me books) jam. (Bonus: This fan-made video is all about Olivia from Fringe.)


This song kept playing in my head while I was reading those books. I just think it’s perfect, and if there’s ever a movie version where this isn’t used in the credits, somebody will have done something wrong.

“When you’re sleeping, you’re ceramic/ You’re surrounded by little stars/ Every shimmer is a searchlight/ Every planet is ours/ Change the street, change the decade/ Still the longing’s left inside/ Why am I too small to carry you?/ Why does twilight make me cry?”


“Life is something set to music/ I can hear it when I’m sad/ There’s a chord in every muscle/ Every kiss you ever had/ There’s a power when you’re near me/ It’s in our heads, it’s in our bones/ I know nothing, but I’m guessing/ When we die, we’re not alone.”

3. Even though I read a lot, I suuuuuck at it. I can’t keep timelines straight. I chuckle every single time at silly fantasy names. I drift off and skim during “important” world-building sections.

4. What’s wrong with my ugly cry response? I didn’t cry when reading My Heart and Other Black Holes, though I recognized the places where I would have, once. My crying response just seems to be broken. I have no theories.

5. When books are equally as good as their covers, it’s just cool. Luckiest Girl Alive? That black rose with the bright lettering is perfect. A Thousand Pieces of You is worthy of its jacket’s gorgeousness. The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone? So. Much. Yes. 100% looking forward to Hausfrau because the jacket is gorgeous.

6. I’ve missed being on the YA fantasy train, but I think I’m ready to get off again after I finish Red Queen. I’ve caught up considerably in the last few months, and I think it’s time to move on to something else because hoo boy, that angst is tiring. I’ll be ready for it again in the summer, which is still a time I can’t help but associate with a big break from school and general, fun-type shenanigans.

7. I finally read Sharp Objects, the last Gillian Flynn I hadn’t gotten to, and it reminded me a whole lot of a V. C. Andrews book, in a good way obviously, I mean what other way is there to remind *me* of a V. C. Andrews book.

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