Critical Linking

6th Graders Recreate Iconic Book Covers for Black History Month: Critical Linking, February 14, 2019

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Book covers by Black authors have been recreated by a class of 6th grade students from Milwaukee to celebrate Black History Month.

Thanks to educator Terrance Sims, the class were able to accurately recreate some of the most iconic book covers and pay homage to Black voices. Sims ensures each Black History Month is marked by creating a project meant to highlight the talent, strength, and importance of Black leaders, artists, and culture.

This year’s project was inspired by the class’s book club who came up with the idea, and Sims gave it the title ‘Representation is Key’. The recreations (below) are really well done, and the pride the kids feel in themselves and the Black icons, is clear.

These are amazing


Marked by a huge yellow sign advertising the hypnotizing words “Food and Books,” The Traveler Restaurant is a paradise for any foodie or literature lover. Munch on delicious comfort food while surrounded by a treasure trove of books. This unique library restaurant gives you a delightful meal and free books to take home with you.

Putting this place on my bucket list!


It was roughly a year ago that Hulu scooped up George Clooney’s ambitious adaptation of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, a book many feel is too sprawling and layered to translate onscreen. Mike Nichols’ 1970 adaptation, for example, is a mixed bag, and subsequent efforts to capture Heller’s wry, paranoid vision of World War II have all bit the dust. Along with Clooney, writers David Michod and Luke Davies are responsible for this latest stab, which, per the above trailer, at least feels tonally on point.

Do you plan on watching it? (I couldn’t get into the book when I read it in high school). 


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