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6 Diverse Comics Tumblrs to Follow

Did you know we’re on Tumblr? And one thing we do on Tumblr is reblog diverse content from other awesome Tumblrs because we try to use our powers for good. If you want to add some diversity to your comics Tumblr list, here are some you should check out.


(1) Superheroes in Color

I personally donated to the Indiegogo campaign to keep Superheroes in Color going; I love the megaphone they provide for diverse comics and creators.

(2) Character Like Me

Character Like Me talks racial diversity in all forms of media, not just comics. One thing I especially like about them is discuss and promote pieces about writing characters of different backgrounds.

(3) Queer Book Club

In which a queer librarian provides LGBTQ-friendly book lists, reviews, and more, and is all around awesome.

(4) Diverse Comics 

From the mind of Greg Pak: “No huge manifesto just yet. But as @jordiecolorsthings says, comics are for everybody. Just want to help spread the word about the incredible range of comics that are out there, created by all kinds of different people, in all kinds of different styles and genres, starring all kinds of different characters.”

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(5) Invisible Bi Characters

Bi characters shouldn’t be invisible, and this Tumblr makes sure to highlight them from across media.

(6) We Are Wakanda

We are Wakanda features fan art, merch, and more about black characters in comics.