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6 Cuddly Comics to Help You Grieve the Ewoks’ Extinction

Emily Wenstrom

Staff Writer

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I hate to be the bearer of soul-crushing news, but according to the top physicists studying the minutiae of the Star Wars universe, all the Ewoks are dead.

How could this be? When the Rebels destroyed of the Death Star (all the way back in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi), the implosion of the Star into its shield generator. This would cause an impact so great that nothing so close as Endor’s forest moon would be able to survive.

Major oversight, Rebels.

The Ewoks are beloved for good reason–these curious and squirrely littel guys could be as ferocious as they were adorable, with true warriors’ hearts hidden behind those cute furry faces. If you’re struggling to cope with their extinction as much as I am, you need something to fill the newly created void of adorableness in your heart.

Since I feel somewhat responsible for your grief now, as the messenger of this terrible discovery, here are six great comics featuring cute, brave furries to help you through it:


WE3, written by Grant Morrison, illustrated by Frank Quitely

WE3 is the traditional story of three lost pets determined to make their way back home … after being weaponized by the government.

This three-issue miniseries follows a dog, a cat and a bunny as they try to get home while being pursued by the full power of the military in a storytelling style Morrison and Quitely dub “Western manga.” The perfect combination of cuteness and violence.


saga ghus

Saga, written by Brian K. Vaughn, illustrated by Fiona Staples

I’d recommend this comic book to Star Wars fans for a lot of reasons, and adorable and imaginative alien races is chief among them. The aliens of this comic range from the traditional to the utterly absurd—and also, of course, the adorable.

Case in point, Ghüs. Ghüs is a herder on the planet of Quietus, and shares a special link with the walrus-like animals he cares for. But as he gets caught up in the adventures of Marko and Alanna, this harp seal-like creature proves to have a heart as big as his sweet, sweet eyes.

guardians of the galaxy rocket

Guardians of the Galaxy, written by Brian Michael Bendis, illustrated by Valerio Schiti

Guardians of the Galaxy has more to offer than Chris Pratt at his hottest. In case you missed the hit movie last year, it’s also got the cutest duo of alien heisters I’ve ever seen in Groot and Rocket the Raccon (just don’t tell him that).

Lucky for us, Marvel released a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy comic just this October. At the comic’s opening, Starlord has abandoned the team, and Rocket’s in charge.


DC’s Super-Petswritten by Billy Wrecks, illustrated by Ethan Beavers

If a few anthropomorphic characts just isn’t enough, pick up a whole team of them with DC’s Super-Pets. Just as pet owners seem to oddly start to look like their pets over time, so the pets of superheroes seem to, somehow, have similar powers.

Like any super, these pets are ready to save the world. Featuring Superman’s dog Krypto among many others, this team has never let a lack of opposable thumbs get in the way of protecting the planet over and over—not just in comics but also in a cartoon!

pet avengers

Marvel’s Pet Avengers, written by Chris Eliopoulos, illustrated by Ig Guara

Led by Lockjaw, the telepathic and teleporting pet dog of the Inhumans’ royal family, this team set out to find the missing Infinity Gems in a four-part miniseries. After a successful mission , the team went on three more miniseries adventures together.

star wars shadows of endor

Star Wars: Ewoks–Shadows of Endor, written and illustrated by Zack Giallongo

At the risk of being obvious, guys, there’s a whole galaxy of Stars Wars comic books out there. Among them, this graphic novel that’s all about the Ewoks.

The story follows Wicket, who befriended Princess Leia, as the Ewoks battle against Stormtroopers taking over their moon. The story leads into Return of the Jedi, and also the Ewoks cartoons of the ’80s.Expect high levels of geekery, nostalgia, and cute.