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6 Comic Writer/Artists to Know

Kris Saldaña

Staff Writer

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This post originally ran on January 26, 2016.

The comic book scene right now is full of incredible writers and artists. It’s also full of writers and artists that pull double duty, writing and drawing their own books or writing one and drawing another. These creators are tearing through the comic market, publishing amazing books and paving the way for other writer/artists to get their own work seen. I made a short list of those creators you may know already, but should definitely get more familiar with.

SpiderGwenJason Latour

Jason Latour has been grinding in comics for a long time. He first showed up on my radar with Southern Bastards, his collab with Jason Aaron for Image Comics. Southern Bastards is nuts. Latour’s art is fun and grisly and perfect. Beyond Southern Bastards Latour also helped to create Spider-Gwen. You know, Spider-Gwen, the coolest. He writes Spider-Gwen for Marvel with Robbi Rodriguez on art. Follow him on Twitter for comics, writing and art advice and if you’re not reading Southern Bastards, you’re seriously missing out.


Emily CarrollEmily Carroll

Emily Carroll is a wonderful artist who focuses mainly on horror comics, but like fairy tale horror? Is Fairy Tale Horror a genre? Because it should be, with Emily Carroll being it’s sensei.  Publishing comics regularly since 2010, her website is stuffed with comics you can read! For free! In 2014 she published her anthology Through the Woods which you absolutely need to find and dig into. Through the Woods is a perfect gateway into the rest of her work. He art is haunting and enchanting and everything good. Her passion for her art and story bleeds through every page she puts out.

TrilliumJeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire created Sweet Tooth for Vertigo Comics, though it wasn’t his first series. Lemire has been publishing his own books for a while before SW. His themes and art are usually melancholy, but always warm and touching and that’s right up my alley. My favorite book of his is The Underwater Welder which deals with alcoholism and father issues, and welding. Sounds grim, but it’s one of his best works. He also writes for other artists like Dustin Nguyen for Descender and is co-writing a book with Scott Snyder.

John ConstantineMing Doyle

Ming Doyle has done art on the comics, Mara and The Kitchen and is writing DC’s Constantine. She is a delight. I remember reading Mara and thinking “Holy moly who is this artist?” Her art is a mix of like sexy, but also extremely kinetic and unique. Constantine: The Hellblazer is also extremely good and lovely to look at. Can’t wait to see what else Ming’s got coming up, because she is a force.


killjoys1p4Becky Cloonan

Beckyyyy. Becky Cloonan is a monster artist. You’ve mostly likely seen all the Mondo posters she’s done or her art on different metal band album covers or shirts. She drew the New52 Batman Annual, worked with Gerard Way on The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and has put her own books like Demeter, The Mire, and Wolves. She’s currently writing Southern Cross and Gotham Academy, and is going to be writing the new Punisher for Marvel which is intense. Could she be the busiest writer/artist in comics?


MirrorEmma Rios

You might know Emma Rios from her book with Kelly Sue Deconnick Pretty Deadly, but she’s also putting the anthology series Island with Brandon Graham. Emma Rios’ art is gorgeous. Her linework, coloring is thoroughly terrific and her Spanish influence is so powerful, there are times where I felt transported to a warm European beach somewhere. Okay not really, but you get it right? I cannot wait for her upcoming comic Mirror which she is writing with Hwei Lim. Go pick up Pretty Deadly or Island, you won’t regret it.