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50 Books For 50 States: Critical Linking, July 10, 2019

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“Throughout the year, there are infinite opportunities to do a whole lot of reading. You might be looking for great books to take on a plane or in a car for your various vacations. Or maybe you’re staying put, but you’d love a great read to bring to the beach or a local cafe. Whatever the case, we’ve got an eclectic list of amazing books that should be perfect for whatever your 2019 holds. That’s right: we’re presenting a book-lover’s tour of America. Scroll through these 50 books — one for each of the 50 states — and find out what takes place in your home state! Or, you know, maybe that state you’ve always wanted to visit.”

You can’t get more eclectic than a list with V.C. Andrews and Maya Angelou and wow do I love an eclectic list.

“Panorama Picks provides booksellers with localized, curated lists of books that library patrons are waiting to borrow. This unique program uses aggregated, anonymized local library hold list data to identify titles beyond the obvious bestsellers with long wait times for local library patrons. The project makes these lists available to booksellers at no cost—giving booksellers, publishers, authors and others a new, easy and cost-free way to promote titles of local interest and increase sales.

The project’s first regional lists of in-demand titles are available below. The project will compile and publish new lists on a quarterly basis. The list selection methodology will be refined in response to user feedback. The project is actively promoting the program to local booksellers. We hope that these new insights into the interests of local readers will help libraries and booksellers alike better serve active readers in their communities.”

My nerdy bibliophile heart is about to explode with these lists.

“It’s remarkable how many “unfilmable” books have been, well, filmed. With this week’s news that Neil Gaiman’s sprawling comic-book series The Sandman has been acquired by Netflix, fans have been excited, if tentative, no doubt remembering the long history of attempts to adapt the 75-issue story that was often dismissed as too difficult to get on screen.”

A quick read questioning whether streaming services like Netflix have now broken all the barriers to books once labeled “unfilmable.”

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